How to Set Up NewsRover to Connect to

  Download NewsRover software HERE. (8.7 MB)
If you have trouble with the ZIP compressed file above, you can download the executable setup file HERE. (8.8 MB)

NOTE: News Rover does not run on Macs. Search or similar for 'mac newsreader client' to find software.

  Open the download and install the News Rover software. Follow the install wizard, choosing where you want the program installed.

Start NewsRover.

You will see the "Welcome to News Rover for ThunderNews" dialog box.

Enter the e-mail address you would like to use on posted messages.

Enter the User ID you received from ThunderNews by e-mail.

Enter the Password you received from ThunderNews by e-mail. Passwords are case sensitive.

Make your preferences on download locations.

Click "OK". You will be presented the option of updating the newsgroup list.

If your news server is, you can download the newsgroup list and skip to step 4.

If your news server is or, choose to use the default list for now. NewsRover will load. Follow these steps:
  1. Click the "Configure" menu and choose the "Server" tab.
  2. Click 'Remove Server' on
  3. Click 'Add Server' and a dialog box appears. Type in your server as specified in your signup e-mail.
  4. Verify your Account Name (User ID) and Password are correct and that 'Logon Authorization Required' is checked.
  5. Repeat the 'Add Server' if you want to add other ThunderNews servers.
  6. Click 'OK' to accept changes and close the dialog box.

The main NewsRover window will open.
If you click on your server name (" or us. or eu.)" in the left window pane, the first 6 menu icons across the top will become active. These icons are used to set up additional groups and get updates.
To see a list of available newsgroups, click the fourth button from the left just under the menu.
If you get any error messages, check Step 11 below.

The "Newsgroup Subscription Control" dialog box will appear.


Type a keyword of interest such as "auto". Newsgroups that contain the keyword will be displayed.
Double click on newsgroups of interest or click the "Subscribe" button to subscribe.
A red icon appears to left of subscribed newsgroups.
Click the "Finished" button to proceed.

The "Initial Display Filter" dialog box will appear for newsgroups that may contain file attachments.

Normally, the defaults are appropriate, so if you are prompted for an Initial Display Filter click the "Use this filter" button to continue.

In the left panel in News Rover, click on a newsgroup you subscribed to in Step 5 and the "Get Initial List of Messages" dialog box appears.

Choose a number that seems reasonable.

You get about 100,000 message headers per minute with a 3 megabit per second connection.

And about 50,000 message headers per minute with a 1.5 megabit per second connection.

The Get Initial List of Messages Dialog Box will close.
Click on the group you added in Step 6 and the message headers will download and appear in the right window pane.
Double click on a message title to download it.
If it contains a file, a link to the file will appear in the bottom window pane. Click the link to open the file.

A great feature of NewsRover is the ability to locate messages by keyword.

You can use the message locator tools in the left panel of the News Rover software to find messages of interest to you.

If any of the messages you read have files attached, they will be placed in the directories you specified during the News Rover installation after Step 3 above.

Files may also be placed in numbered folders in the "Projects" directory which is in your "NewsRover" directory.

If you get the error message 502 news. Access denied to your node ... in Step 4 above, double check that you have entered your user ID and passwords exactly as it appears in your welcome e-mail. Passwords are case sensitive. Check your User ID and Password by choosing the Server tab on the Configure menu.

If you confirmed your User ID and PW are correct and are behind a fire wall, it may be blocking access to the NNTP port (119). You may try alternative connection ports on the Server tab as noted above:
  1. On 119, 23, 25, 80, 3128, 7000, 8000 or 9000
  2. On 119, 23, 1720, 3128, or 8000
  3. On 119, 23, 1720, 3128, or 8000
  4. On any SSL secure server: 443, 563, or 8080
If you configure News Rover for more than the max allowed simultaneous connections for your account (Server tab), the news sever will disconnect all sessions and give a 'connection limit reached' error.