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Newsgroups Reveal Microsoft Office Soon Available on iOS and Android
By thundernewsgroups May 24th, 2012

Rumors of Microsoft Office soon to be available for the iPad (and other products using iOS) and Android tablets are not completely new, but now USENET newsgroups are  citing a source in claiming a November release for the new Office suite.

USENET newsgroups also suggests that Office could be available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, noting that leaked pictures of the loading screen appear to say, ‘Office for iOS’ rather than mentioning the iPad specifically. In February, a newsgroup post released a leaked screen shot that appears to show the Office loading screen on an iPad, and newsgroup source noted that the screenshot he/she saw is nearly identical to the leaked image from the other USENET newsgroup postings. Microsoft wrote off the authenticity of the leaked image at the time.

The release of the popular Office suite for iOS and Android tablets further places tablets as the future of personal computing in some minds. The use of detachable keyboards and mice would seemingly making using Office products on tablets conceivable and convenient.

The rumored release of the new Office suite for iOS and Android will surely generate buzz in tech newsgroups throughout Usenet, which has traditionally been a hotbed for new tech rumors and developments.

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