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Remembering September 11, 2001
By thundernewsgroups September 11th, 2009

Today, many in the United States are noting and remembering the events that shaped September 11th, 2001 in the minds of countless people.

When the Twin Towers were hit and started to come down, so did the range of questions that came with it. The internet was almost at a halt with as much traffic it was receiving. Many had a hard time getting information other than what was being broadcast on traditional mediums.

Land line and cell phones became jammed. It seemed like getting information from anywhere from the vicinity required a great deal of luck.

However, if you belonged to any major newsgroup, you had a copy of everything that was being discussed online. From top stories to the latest updates from local and federal governments, newsgroups served as a seeing eye while many on the internet were kept in the dark.

USENET newsgroups also provided a forum for the many that live, lived and had those that lived in the area. Some of these newsgroups formed to feed the public as much information as possible about what was known and the areas that were affected.

In a time where we set to remember the bad events that occured that day in New York, it also reminds us of one of the defining moments of the USENET community. Coming together, it exploded and provded many with valuable information when it was needed.

Differences aside, it helped define the spirit of the country.

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