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Verizon Offers Free High-Speed DSL For 6 Months
November 17th, 2009

The ISP is offering big incentives toonline users who make a switch to Verizon’s High Speed Internet. Verizon plans to offer free DSL to its customers during the holiday season.

After dropping its provided USENET access and then losing 137,000 DSL customers earlier this year, Verizon is looking to earn back its business. New 1Mbps to 7Mbps DSL customers who are willing to sign a one year contract are awarded a free six months of DSL access.

Effective to January 16th, 2010, customers who sign up for the deal also receive a free modem and an additional $5 bonus.

In the press release, the company has announced a triple-play bundle offer, which includes up-to- 3 or 7.1 Mbps HSI service, DIRECTV PLUS DVR package and Freedom Essentials for just $70 per month for the first six months. The 3 Mbps and 7.1 Mbps packages being offered by Verizon also include free access to thousands of company’s Wi-Fi hot spots around the country, including various retail and high-traffic locations. None of these plans or offers includes USENET access as it did once upon a time.

With AT&T sneaking close behind by offering huge rebates and no contracts with it’s expanding UVerse service, who coincidentally also saw a sharp drop in customers after dropping USENET access, expect much more competition between ISP’s. With other companies focused on metering bandwidth, it should draw out to be an interesting 2010 on who ends up with the larger share of the DSL/Broadband market.

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