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Google Newsgroups: Gmail Fail
September 24th, 2009

Google Inc., owner of the world’s most popular Internet search engine, said its e-mail program is working again after the second disruption in less than a month cut off service to some users.

The latest outage from a company that prides itself in running advanced computing systems said on the Google Groups and USENET newsgroups that it was aware of the problem.

Frustrated Gmail users took to USENET newsgroups to voice their frustrations and look for information.

The problem was resolved for most users after approximately one hour, and Google expected “a resolution for all users within the next one hour,” the company said on its status Web site.

The Gmail problem comes on the heels of an hour-and-a-half Google News glitch on Tuesday. Google did not reveal the cause of that crash or how engineers got the news aggregation site working again.

And earlier this month, Gmail experienced one day of intermittent disruptions, followed by a second day during which users saw multiple delays and outages. Gmail users also endured well-publicized crashes in both February and May.

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