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iMac Newsgroups: 27 inch iMac Crashes Like PC
October 30th, 2009

If you’re one of the first ones that went out to buy Apple’s new 27 inch iMac, you may be experiencing significant performance problems. These problems have been reported on apple newsgroups to take up to 105% CPU usage and freeze many Snow Leopard systems.

Before you go and blame your mac newsreader, be aware that the root of the problem seems to be originating from Flash-based videos. Many of the users in the Apple newsgroups call up the OS Activity Monitor and report that the Flash Player demanded a surprising 114.4 percent of the iMac’s CPU processes when a YouTube or Flash video was playing.

Frustrated iMac owners have suggested a number of unofficial and temporary fixes, including power cycling Apple’s AirPort, triggering the iMac’s sleep\wake cycle, resetting PRAM\NVRAM and re-installing Snow Leopard.

With a recent campaign attacking the new Windows 7 by questioning its reliability, this is the fourth time since the Snow Leopard OS launch that a major problem affecting most of its users has occurred. No official word from Apple to either acknowledge or fix the problem that appears to be wide spread.

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