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ThunderNews Newsgroup Binary Retention Increased To 650 Days!
By thundernewsgroups September 3rd, 2010

ThunderNews now provides subscribers 650 days of binary retention across all 107,000+ newsgroups.

In yet another upgrade to the lightning fast, feature-rich premium Usenet access that ThunderNews provides, all customers will now receive additional access to their favorite subscribed newsgroups.

The increase in retention is signified by the amount of time articles are available on newsgroups. With the inclusion of almost 50 additional days, ThunderNews members now will have access to posts that are 650 days old.

All existing and new members of ThunderNews automatically receive the increase to 650 days of binary retention. Some may need to reload the headers of the subscribed newsgroups in their newsreader in order to see the increase.

Thundernews is proud to be able to offer this added benefit free of charge to to existing and new members

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