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ThunderNews Reaches 2000 Days Of Binary Retention
By thundernewsgroups February 10th, 2014

ThunderNews is now able to provide even further retention benefits to its customers with 2,000 days of binary retention on more than 140,000 active newsgroups.

With over five and a half years of retention, it serves as a new mildstone for ThunderNews and the USENET industry. This allows users to research and access information on all discussion and binary newsgroups from more than 5 years ago.

Now users can dig up info from when “How I Met Your Mother” started, the death and legacy of Michael Jackson and even the first stories and discussions about the Maersk Alabama hijacking that resulted in the movie “Captain Phillips”.

The increase of retention has been achieved by our never ending pursuit in delivering the very best features and capabilities we can offer our USENET members. We hope you enjoy the service as we continue our improvements.

The increase is automatically accessible to all ThunderNews members. Stay tuned for other retention and service upgrades in the near future!

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