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ThunderNews Reaches 910 Days of Binary Retention
By thundernewsgroups March 11th, 2011

ThunderNews.com now offers 910 days of retention on binaries, providing better service to members without any increase in price.

In yet another upgrade to the lightning fast, feature-rich premium Usenet access that ThunderNews provides, all customers will now receive additional access to their favorite subscribed newsgroups.

The 910 days of retention on binaries allows access to an expanded history of articles and follows another ThunderNews.com upgrade which now allows members to access Usenet with up to 50 simultaneous connections. The increase in connections gives users the tools to gain information faster than ever before. Each connection also employs 256 Bit SSL encryption which insures both privacy and security. These upgrades enhance the core features of ThunderNews.com’s 24/7 support, 99.9% completion and a free newsreader with any subscription or plan.

ThunderNews.com has long provided the Usenet community with lightning fast quality Usenet access at affordable pricing. These newly added features of both newsgroup binary retention and the increase to 50 simultaneous Usenet connections are all designed to add value to our overall customer experience.

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