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ThunderNews SSL Patched For Heartbleed
By thundernewsgroups April 20th, 2014

Last week, we learned about a potential security exploit called “Heartbleed” on some websites that use an SSL to secure customer information.

The problem affects a piece of software called OpenSSL, used for security on popular web servers. With OpenSSL, websites can provide encrypted information to visitors, so the data transferred (including usernames, passwords and cookies) cannot be seen by others while it goes from your computer to the website.

This is what’s important to know: Heartbleed is critical. It affected nearly two-thirds of the Internet and many large Internet companies have been working long hours to update their services to keep customers and visitors safe.

Since we’ve learned about the vulnerability, we’ve been updating ThunderNews services that use the affected OpenSSL version. This includes the servers we use as well as the USENET servers our customers use.

There is no aditional steps our customers need to make in order to be safe from the Heartbleed exploit. Our steps to ensure that customers information is secure have been taken and will continue to monitor the situation as needed.

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