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ThunerNews Newsreader Picks – June 2010
By thundernewsgroups May 31st, 2010

In the world of Usenet, unless you have a good dependable newsreader, you probably won’t be able to truly access all of the newsgroups available to you.

For the month of June, here are our picks for the most popular newsreaders available for your operating system:

PanUnix/Linux/Ubuntu – Pan is a great newsreader for Unix users. The program is easy to install and also has a good amount of features and capabilities to get everything you can from Usenet.

Asar HogwasherApple – Hogwasher has been around for a while. With its latest 4.3 version, it’s better than ever with a good deal of features without any bloat. It also automates a lot of functions to make your Usenet experience simple and fast.

That’s our roundup. If you have a newsreader you’d like us to consider or review, use our comment system below.

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