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Verizon Eliminates USENET Newsgroup Access
By thundernewsgroups September 2nd, 2009

Verizon announced this week it would cease to provide newsgroup access to its customers.

Verizon is the latest ISP that has dropped USENET access to its customers. Since last year, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and AT&T have also discontinued USENET newsgroup access.

We invite all Verizon customers who wish to continue USENET newsgroup access to join Thundernews.

We are currently providing 20% off all Verizon members on any of our subscription plans. The discount is applicable to the lifetime of any of the subscription newsgroup access plans available.

Use the following coupon code at checkout: tn20tvs
Verizon had previously discontinued support of many newsgroups late last year. Notices were emailed to customers earlier this week announcing the discontinuation of Verizon newsgroup access.

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