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 What is a 502 error and how do I fix it?
Article A 502 error is an error generated newsreader client software when the news server rejects the account User ID or Password.

Why would the news server reject my User ID or Password?

There are several reasons why this might occur. If you check the things below and are still having difficulty connecting, please submit a support ticket and our Support Team will be happy to check your account and assist.

1) If you are a new customer:

a) Your new account may not be live across all the server front ends yet. It can take up to 30 minutes to go live across all the server front ends.

b) You may have mistyped the User ID or Password when setting up your newsreader client. Double-check to be sure they match your signup e-mail.

c) You may be connecting to the wrong server. If you opened a Premium account, check to be sure that you are NOT connecting to the server news.thundernews.com. Your signup mail lists the servers your account can connect to. You can also see your servers by logging into your account on our website and your server connection info will be displayed on your main Members page.

d) You may be trying to connect to the regular (not SSL) NNTP server using SSL instead of NNTP. Or, you might trying to connect the Secure SSL servers using an NNTP connection instead of SSL. Check that the server, port and NNTP or SSL is selected as noted in your signup e-mail.

2) If you have been a customer a while and can normally connect successfully:

a) You may have used up the bandwidth allocation on your account for the current term. If you have AutoRecycle enabled and pay by credit card, your account will renew within 30 minutes to an hour. If you would like manually renew or upgrade to a higher bandwidth allocation, submit a support request at https://www.thundernews.com/help-desk/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=submit to Restart or Reinstate your account.

b) Your most recent payment may have failed. If you pay by credit card, you can update or change your card from the Member's area of our website on the left menu. If you pay by WorldPay, you may need to update your card info on file at WorldPay. If PayPal canceled your payment subscription, you will need to open a new account.

c) You may be connecting with more simultaneous connections than your account allows. Your max connections is specified in your signup mail. If you receive a 502 error in combination with a 400 connection limit error, try reducing the number of simultaneous connections.

d) You may have cancelled your account and its term has now run out.

e) After a rebill/renewal, the server may have failed to reset your account properly.

3) We may be experiencing a technical problem. It is unusual, but occasionally we may have a problem that prevents our authentication server from allowing connections to the news servers. Normally, if there is a problem, the server status on the page http://www.thundernews.com/testhelp.php will be updated to indicate it. If you receive a 502 error in combination with a 400 connection limit error and you are sure you are not exceeding your max simultaneous connections for your account, there may be a server authentication problem.

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