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Thundernews Black Friday Special Update
By thundernewsgroups November 25th, 2010

Currently new customers who are signing up for our Black Friday special are  receiving a message that states that it will only last for 3 months.

The Black Friday special pricing is indeed for the LIFETIME of the account. All those who sign up for any of our monthly plans on our special Black Friday page, the limited time price will be rebilled at the same special price for the LIFETIME of account.

We are currently working on the removing  the error that states that the special will only be valid for three months at checkout. Please feel free to contact our support team with any other questions you may have.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from all of us at ThunderNews.com

UPDATE: We are experiencing an incredibly HEAVY traffic surge and as a result, some users may have some difficulty accessing the site at first. Please be patient as we work with to accommodate all of our visitors! Thank you in advance for your patience!

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