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SSD Technology Is Getting Faster According To USENET
By thundernewsgroups May 23rd, 2014

A post on technology USENET newsgroups details the announcement of the Japanese team at Chuo University that have made a breakthrough in SSD technology which will make a great drive all the better. The team has found a software/firmware solution for the major drawback inherit in all SSDs.

This could enable high-end devices to easily reach transfer speeds of 1.5GB/s as current models achieve around 500MB/s typically; 60% less power was also used in the lab tests due to the lack of additional drive writes.

The team has overcome the issue by changing the middleware that controls storage for database applications. The new method uses a “logical block address scrambler” which basically stops data being written to a new page and places it in a block to be erased in the next sweep. That means fewer pages, less copying and ultimately a better drive.

Current NAND flash drives can be adapted to work in this way meaning 55 per cent fewer write and erase cycles, extending the device’s life. Since the changes are so small but have such a huge effect we’d expect to see them appear very soon.

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