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ThunderNews extends USENET Status Updates to Social Networks
By thundernewsgroups December 11th, 2009

ThunderNews.com, a leading provider of Usenet, has announced today that it will extend its services updates to include Facebook and Twitter. The two social networks will provide an additional channel to communicate to members as well as offer real-time updates.

These social network channels will solely be used to announce and follow up on general service upgrades and features.  For all other means of support, we encourage all ThunderNews members to utilize our 24/7 customer support section.

For years, ThunderNews.com has provided lightning fast USENET access to both the US and EU regions. ThunderNews.com is a leader in being a reliable USENET access provider with outstanding retention to over 100,000 newsgroups supported. ThunderNews is one of the few USENET providers who have extended service to the social network world.

“The core of our business is our excellent customer service. We believe we can help serve more of our members by providing another way for our members to get updates on our services through social networks. “ said Alexander Stewart, Communications Manager for ThunderNews.com.

You can follow ThunderNews on Facebook and/or follow ThunderNews on Twitter. These social networks will keep you in touch with what’s going on with current and future upgrades and notifications.

Do you have another social network that you think ThunderNews.com should consider? Leave a comment and let us know!

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